International® Workstar® 7600 goes All-Wheel-Drive

When a major California energy company needed trucks to cover a territory that ranges from snow-capped Mount Whitney to the deserts of Death Valley, they chose the new International® WorkStar® 7600 6×6. Tough enough to tame any conditions, the new version also offers every advantage of the Diamond Logic® Electrical System.

The new International WorkStar trucks replaced the International PayStar® vehicles in his customer’s fleet, says Bill Tollefson, fleet sales manager at Dion International Trucks in San Diego. Previously, the PayStar was the only truck from International that fit the company’s all-terrain needs. “The all-wheel-drive version of the WorkStar was specifically created to accommodate those who could benefit from the multiplex wiring capabilities of Diamond Logic in a heavier-duty package,” he notes.

“We brought many of the heavy-duty features from our PayStar models into the WorkStar,” explains Melissa Gauger, marketing manager, Navistar. “The goal was to provide a wider variety of models for the customer to choose from.”

Mr. Tollefson says the new versions of the WorkStar truck bring more capability to fleets that regularly negotiate off-road challenges. “I have customers whose trucks service towers across hills and deserts throughout an incredibly diverse geographic region. They have to deal with snow, mud, and sand. With the all-wheel-drive [WorkStar trucks], they can eliminate a lot of towing problems.

“Pulling a truck out of such a place could easily cost $1,000,” Mr. Tollefson continues. “Just one towing bill could equal the difference in cost between the all-wheel-drive vehicle and a standard rear-wheel-drive model. For many applications, the extra driving axle is a smart investment.”

And with the International WorkStar 6×6 trucks now available, customers can fully utilize Diamond Logic, the proprietary multiplex technology from Navistar, to greatly increase efficiencies while out on the job site. The electrical system provides control and communication between major functional areas of the vehicle. It can be pre-programmed with features such as safety interlocks to protect equipment and parking brake alarms. For example, vehicles with a PTO (power take-off) can add an attribute that won’t let the PTO operate unless the parking brake is set, the transmission is in neutral, or the engine is moving at a specific rate.

In addition to the 6×6 and 4×4, 8×6 Tridem axle versions of the International WorkStar are also available. The latter is ideal for vocations that require more tractive effort than a conventional tandem axle, such as crane trucks, concrete mixers, dump trucks, waste, and oil field trucks.

The Tridem also features Bendix 6 channel ABS air brakes and Hendrickson PRIMAXX rear air suspension, a heavy-duty suspension designed for the rigorous demands of vocational and heavy-haul applications. “The Tridem spreads the weight across more axles,” says Gauger. “Anyone who needs to haul maximum payload can benefit from this configuration.”

All the new all-wheel-drive WorkStar models are available with MaxxForce® 11 and 13 engines.

“When we design new products, we listen to the needs of our customers,” says Gauger. “That’s how new features and models are born.”

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