President Obama Supports Natural Gas

President Obama’s Support of Natural Gas Vehicles and LNG Fueling Corridors for Trucking Strengthens Prospects for Broad Deployment.

Tomorrow Starts Today

In business, you can’t afford to sit around and wait for the promise of tomorrow. That’s why Navistar is actively working to create new technologies and develop the infrastructure needed to propel the trucking industry into the 21ST century. Fortunately, the wait is over, because with the advent of natural gas, the promise of tomorrow starts today.
Navistar’s Natural Gas Initiative delivers natural gas for the full line of class 6-8 International Trucks, supported by skilled professionals and the largest dealer network in North America. Between our nationwide framework of 150 fueling stations, and a customizable private and fleet fueling station option, you have a sure-fire alternative to diesel that’s available now.
International understands the North American trucking market better than anyone. And we see this as an incredible opportunity for your business to not only do your part to help the environment and strengthen our economy, but to save money in the long run doing it. So we’ve crafted financial rebates, natural gas price-level guarantees and a clear positive return on investment to help you get started – not tomorrow but today.

Navistar Advances Commitment to Natural Gas Through Partnership with Clean Energy

Navistar’s Jim Hebe introduces partnership to promote natural gas.

July 13, 2012   Dion Trucks   Informative News    

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