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  • Contact Information
    Ruben Osorio

    Government and Municipalities Sales Supervisor
    (619) 279-0091

  • Hours of operation:
    San Diego
    7:30 am – 6:00 pm (Mon – Fri)
    Available by phone 24 hrs,
    7 days a week
    (800) 400-2251


Municipal Truck

Dion International Trucks is your source for new, used, and leased municipal trucks and equipment. Highway departments and government entities put their trust in Dion International Trucks experienced staff to address the varying needs of municipalities both large and small. All trucks will be built to your exact specifications.

Since 1988, municipal professionals throughout the Southern California area have relied on Dion International Trucks to meet their equipment needs. Dion International Trucks will provide you with the products, parts, and service you need to handle the heavy-duty jobs to keep your municipality operating smoothly and efficiently.

We are your source for:

  • Dump Trucks
  • Platform Trucks
  • Utility / Service Trucks
  • Hybrid Trucks
  • CNG Trucks
  • Boom / Aerial
  • Sewer Equipment
  • Refuse Trucks
  • Hook Lifts
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Tractors



MaxxForce Advanced EGR . The no hassle 2010 solution… At Dion International Trucks, the customer’s best interests always come first. So when EPA emissions requirements tighten, we shoulder the responsibility of compliance for you. It’s why we introduced MaxxForce Advanced EGR technology to meet 2010 emissions requirements. It requires no significant changes to your drivers’ behavior.  And with no equipment to add, you’ll enjoy extra payload capacity (and no body mounting issues). Finally, no liquid urea means no added costs or extra stops to fill-up. MaxxForce Advanced EGR. Just turn the key and drive.


Anyone can make a rugged truck. But with 100 years of commercial-duty experience, International knows that toughness without ease of operation doesn’t cut it. That’s why TerraStar gives you the best visibility in its class–28% better front-forward visibility than the leading competitor and has the largest cab in its class–30% more room for your crew than the leading competitor. Safety Features are designed with the Municipality Buyer in mind.

Use Dion International Trucks as your “go to place” for the latest Navistar Municipal Specification offerings that can take your next bid to the next level. We specialize in helping you write your bids in easy to understand verbiage, maximizing your trucks performance and safety.

Dion International Trucks is the answer for all of your government and municipality transportation needs. We offer only the best product lineups in Southern California and our huge volume of sales means competitive pricing for you.

Municipality and Government Sales

One reason governments buy more International® trucks than any other is that we work hard to ensure you get the best truck for the job. This site is part of that commitment. Whether you’re using the Spec-by-Spec Guide to spec the perfect truck, or the Walk-Around Guide to see all the performance-driven features on International trucks, you’ll get the information you need to make an educated decision.

Sample Specs—combined with the Spec-by-Spec Guide—will show you how all the component choices you’ve made come together to create a truck that fits your needs. To get started, open the appropriate Sample Spec template below. (Requires Microsoft Word.) Be sure to utilize the timesaving drop-down menus to expedite the process. Once you’re finished, print out the sheet and bring it to your local International dealer to finish the process. They’re the experts, so take advantage of their professional expertise.

Sample Bid Guide

If you are unsure which Sample Spec is right for you, visit Truck Applications to review the specs for your application.

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